Tuesday 14 June 2011

Completed wedding favours

I posted previously about the mini birdhouses I was commissioned to make as wedding favours, so I thought I'd show you the completed set. And no, surprisingly they didn't all collapse the moment after this photo was taken!)
 They're all hand-painted and collaged, with a paper border round the bottom and on the sides of each roof.
I've added a flower or butterfly motif to the front of each one, and they all have a smaller matching motif on the back.

My buyer was a pleasure to work with too - brides sometimes have a reputation for being demanding and hard to please but she must be the nicest, most easy-going bride ever!


  1. omg!!! those are the prettiest birdhouses ever! there is absolutely nothing to complain about my fren ...

  2. Beautiful Birdhouses and they look fantasic all together like that. You should feel very proud:)

  3. Thank you for watching my video, means such a lot to me. So pleased you enjoyed it also!

  4. Oh My Goodness..These Favors Are The Cutest Things Ever! Wow! And I Loved The Story Behind Their Creation! Hope You're Having A Glorious Weekend! Hugs From The Peach State, Terri