Sunday 19 June 2011

Faded Romance (and a mini tutorial!)

Love's been in the air at Inspiration Avenue this week - this week's challenge theme was "so romantic".

My submission is this little 6 x 4" mixed media canvas called "Faded Romance". 
 I wanted the background to look quite old and weathered so there was lots of putting on layers of paint then scraping them off again!

If you'd like to try this technique for a weathered finish, paint a base colour onto your canvas, then once it's dry dab some Vaseline over some sections, before painting a second colour over the top.

Once the second coat is dry, the paint that's been applied over the Vaseline can be rubbed away really easily, leaving a "peeling paint" effect.
 When the background was as I wanted it I added the six little collaged squares. I may play around with it a little more yet, I think I need to leave it for a couple of days before I decide!

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  1. beautiful faded look Angie ... just my cuppa tea :) and the Vaseline is a really cool idea!! never would have thought of that!! thanks for sharing your secret ... hehehe ...

  2. Great tip! The canvas is beautiful, very subtle. You have a great talent for composition

  3. So pretty!! I've used that technique too - nice and greasy, gets everywhere!!

  4. enchanting...i love the whole vibe and feeling fromit..very charming and poetic ...and beautifully romantic of course!
    Shine on!!

  5. Very beautiful art Angie. Thank you as well for showing us how it is done. What paint did you use for this? Thanks!

  6. Thanks everyone :)

    Elisa I've used acrylics, I'm not if it would work with oils though you could give it a try!

  7. Hi Angie! Just me, trying to catch up after being neglectful. You know what I just love about you? I love that I can recognize your art anywhere. It is authentically you, but always expanding. You are fantastic!!!

  8. Lisa that's such a lovely compliment thank you so much :)