Sunday 29 May 2011

Purple and green - creative challenge

This week's IAE creative challenge theme was a colour scheme - "purple and green". I've painted this wooden plant marker with a dragonfly, and added some little purple-y pink buttons (not sure about the buttons, what do you think??)

Using purple and green also reminded me of one of my favourite oil pastel drawings (though this wasn't done especially for the challenge - it's ages old).
I'd forgotten how much I love the softness and vibrancy of pastels. Perhaps I'll dig them out again over the long Bank Holiday weekend!


  1. I love your dragonfly! I love purple and green together too, and blue. Hmmm not too sure about the buttons either but not sure why... which is really no help at all I guess!

    Ro xxx

  2. Pretty pretty pretty.

    If you don't like them, it will work equally as well without the buttons.

    LOVE the pastel work.

  3. Purple and green are gorgeous together!
    Love the pastel scene. So pretty.

  4. I like bling, does that help?
    The pastel is wonderful...the light shining in the!
    Angie, while I was working on my painting,I remembered that you did a man angel that I loved. I was going to look it up on your blog, but decided against it...I am too easily influenced...but I know that you picture stuck with me and somehow inspired me♥♥♥

  5. Gorgeous! I love both beautiful pieces..yes i love the buttons..extra magic! and your dragonfly is so enchanting! Love the pastels and rich colors too...very mysterious and intriguing ...wonderful!

  6. Both beautiful. I love the delicate dragonfly and the colours used on the plant marker. And the pastel drawing is gorgeous - glad you remembered it. Isn't it great when you get a renewed enthusiasm for a medium or material you haven't used in a while? I love that feeling.

    Kat X

  7. I love that Dragonfly, and I think with or without buttons it will look lovely.

    As for the pastels, funny that...I was looking at mine (and my chalks) and thinking the same thing. I think they are a summer medium definitely as it's more fun to work with them outside.

  8. Thanks everyone for all your kind comments x

    Lisa I love your angel painting - if anything I've done has given you any degree of inspiration I'm flattered! :)