Thursday 19 May 2011

New and old ...

I get so excited over new art supplies, whether they're brand new and pristine or re-discovered second-hand treasures. 
These are my latest finds ...
 Little white doilies and creamy coloured tags ...
...and these fabulous, teeny tiny playing cards. 

Even better, the cards were a charity shop find costing just 50p! Maybe I'll use them for an Alice and the Queen of Hearts canvas...

(Side-note: I used to play Patience as a child. Quite ironic really, as I have none these days!)


  1. Like all your supplies, I can't wait to see what magic you weave with them!

    PS... my son's in the UK right now ~ wish it was me ;D

  2. Oooo....a button! What cha' gonna create?


  3. Would love to see what you do with them:)