Sunday 15 May 2011

IAE weekly creative challenge - signs and symbols in art

This week's IAE challenge was a really interesting one - to create something inspired by the words sacred, ancient and/or symbolic. 
 It made me think about how I use symbols quite a lot in my work, sometimes without really being conscious of it. I do find it fascinating, how we are often drawn repeatedly to certain subjects. I often notice it in other artists' work.

I also came across an article recently about vanitas - a type of painting which uses objects to symbolise the fragility of life. Click on the word if you'd like to read more - it's fascinating stuff!

Anyway, losely based on the above, for my submission I've gone with the idea of using symbols that represent a past love. 
I wanted to use some objects that people commonly save as keepsakes - symbols to remind them of a time, person or place. I've included little scraps of a hand-written letter, a stamp from the envelope, a bit of old lace and a button. 
 I've also used some things to suggest the passage of time -  a bit of skeleton leaf, the old paper of the envelopes, a measuring tape. I think that the envelopes themselves work as a symbol of memories too - things sealed away to be opened later!

The heart and rose are of course well known symbols of love, and the key is meant here as a symbol of unlocking memories.
I use butterflies quite a lot in my work; I think I've mentioned before that they are used in many cultures to represent the human soul, and I like that. 

You can see all this week's submissions here - enjoy!


  1. This is sooo you, Angie. And my new favorite piece. No detail overlooked. 6 tiny works of art in one meaningful piece! Love it!!

  2. This is wonderful! Full of details, meaning and story as well as being a really pretty piece of art. This is such a clever & thoughtful piece of art for this week's theme. Fab!

    Kat X

  3. I LOVE this Angie, and you already know how I feel about your butterflies ;) Perfect for this week's challenge!

  4. Ooh I like this.
    Love the symbols you put together so pretty.

  5. the paper envelopes are such darlings!! i love this creation Angie! Lisa is right ... it's so you! and i do sense a sense of happy contentment ... i wonder why ... it's like "i am home" ... hmmm...

    this is a great challenge theme ... i'm a little bit miffed i missed it!!

  6. Wonderful and so well thought out. I have noticed too how certain symbols figure in people's work- I don't think we always realise how we are drawn to particular themes or ideas

  7. Beautifully done and very thought provoking, Angie!

  8. Wonderfully inspiring and very beautiful! Thanks for sharing yoru magical world..your work is gorgeous!

  9. Not just one, but six wonderful examples of symbols of love. I love, love, love this bit of magical mixed media goodness. Simply adorable with thoughts and words to match!

  10. Angie I think this is SOO lovely. You could almost make them for special personal keepsakes, like a memory board for say a son or daughter with little photos, lock of hair and so on. nicer than those baby books that get shoved in a drawer! Or for a 1st anniversary with little photo's and keepsakes from the wedding.

    As always it's distinctively you! xxxx

  11. You've included so many wonderful symbols of love! I love the way your pieces have many parts that come together as a whole. Each part could stand alone, but together...okay, maybe I'm trying to say the whole is greater than the sum of its parts!

    Anyway, I just love your pieces! And those envelopes are darling!

  12. Gorgeous and inspring - well worthy of a frame and for it to be put on a wall