Thursday 12 May 2011

I've been dying to show this off!

My newest "if-the-house-were-burning-down-I'd-save-this-first" possession! Isn't this portrait of my son amazing?

I've known the artist, Andy Bartos, through etsy for a while. I already knew that (as well as being a complete sweetheart) Andy was tremendously talented . I've long admired his work on etsy, and was lucky enough to own one of his prints and some notecards already. 

But when I opened this - well, it brought tears to my eyes! The level of detail and the likeness are just stunning. This is the original photo I sent if you want to judge for yourself -
You can see more of Andy's work in his etsy shop and he also has his own website.


  1. Wonderful! How old is your son? My 17 year old daughter just told me she wants to move to England and work on a dairy After seeing this pic...she might make it happen!

    have a good one ang~


  2. Oh my goodness I thought the portrait was actually a black and white photo.

    That is amazing.

  3. oh wow!! i thought that was a photo manipulation! Andy's a genius!!

  4. Holy cow...what a magical portrait! Your son is beautiful! Those eyes~WOW!!!
    Happy weekend Angie♥♥♥

  5. Wonderful Angie! You will always treasure this


  6. The likeness is amazing! And what a handsome guy!


  7. Aw thanks ladies - yes, definitely something I treasure (both him and the portrait lol!)!

  8. like i said before ... i thought it was some photo manipulation you did on one of your son's photographs! the artist is brilliant!!

  9. I know Luthien, he's amazing!!

    I don't know what happened to the previous comments on this post - Blogger's been playing up I think and they seem to have disappeared! :(