Wednesday 27 April 2011

Cherry blossom

There are a row of blossom trees near Whitworth Park in Manchester that I travel past on my way into work.

They aren't in bloom for very long, but for a few weeks each year they're full of glorious pom poms of pink blossom; seeing them each morning is a highlight of my day!

They also reminded me of these photos I took of my son when he was small, and I had to dig them out again - as you can see he loved the blossom trees too!


  1. Aw- gorgeous. He looks very happy in a beautiful sea of pink x

  2. The blooms are as beautiful off the trees as much as on them :) you're son is so cute. How old is he now?

  3. Thanks Dotty :)

    Jaime he's 18 now (he wasn't yet 2 when I took these!)

  4. What a beautiful treasure of your son.....I LOVE this! My oldest is 17 now, and it's things like this that just make me smile....

  5. Beautiful, oh I would love to walk there. I love old photos, true memories. take care.

  6. So pretty and what a sweet set of photos. What a nice way to start the day and end it. We used to have 3 huge cherry trees in our yard in Maryland and every spring it looked like it was snowing pink petals everywhere. I always loved those trees.
    Thanks for the memory.

  7. Me too Steph, fond memories! :)

    Cinner yes it's a beautiful place, especially in spring.

    Tammy I love that description "snowing pink petals"! That's just what it's like!

  8. SWOON!!!! Whitworth Park!! i lived there!!!!! ahhhhhh !!!! i wanna be there!!!

    your son is so cute! how long ago was that picture?

  9. Luthien I know! Did you love those tress too? :)

    Thank you! He's 18 now so this was taken about 16 years ago!

    How times flies when you look back - one day you'll be saying the same about your little girls :) xx