Thursday 24 March 2011

Spring challenge - Mini decorated birdhouses

Are you sitting down? This may be a bit of a shock. 

Ready? Taken a nice deep breath? OK ....

I'm posting my submission for the IAE challenge SEVERAL DAYS BEFORE THE DEADLINE!!  This is so unheard of that I've probably caused a warp in the space-time continuem or something but hey ho!

The challenge theme this week is "spring". I think all the glorious, quite-unlike-March weather we've been having here must have inspired me!

I thought these tiny birdhouse ornaments were perfect for the theme. I've painted them in fresh spring colours and added some pretty decorative papers to each one. And of course a birdhouse should always have a little bird!
These are now for sale in my etsy shop. 
You'll be able to see all the spring submissions here on Sunday. Or come and post your own! :)


  1. Too funny, you were posting this as I was updating my post for Sunday, lol!
    These are so pretty- I just LOVE Spring colors! And the embellishments you added to each are fabulous!

  2. They are too cute! What a wonderful little Spring display!

  3. Oh Angie I love these! Last time I was in Thunder Bay I was in a shop that had loads of little wooden houses, boxes... all sorts. I bought some little hearts and some trinket boxes but haven't got around to doing much with them. They had some bird houses too but i didn't get :( So far I have experimented with just one heart but I used the wrong sort of varnish I think and I didn't like the finish. I think I need to get a gloss one, the matt one just made it look really dull. Still that's what sandpaper is for,No??

    Oooh a get you....ready miles ahead of a deadline ha ha! So go did you do that cos I sure struggle!

    Have a great weekend

    Ro xx

  4. LOL- space time has probably gone all wonky! The birdhouses are adorable, Angie!

  5. LOL!!! You early bird...and 3 pieces!!!
    The wee houses are sweet and spring-y, way to go :)

  6. Thanks everyone :)

    Rona I saw your heart - it's really sweet!

    I've no idea how I managed to actually complete something ahead of the deadline - complete fluke! I won't know what to with myself on Sunday now lol.

  7. Yay....These are ao super beautiful..such enchantment and charm!! Beautiful!
    Wonderful work...happy spring!
    And thankyou for your beautiful comments and visit.

  8. Your birdhouse ornaments are the sweetest ever!!! I love the delicate touches you put on the birds.. I'll have to go check out your etsy shop now! Have a beautiful weekend!

  9. I love these and the colors are so spring like, I keep wishing spring would finally really arrive. They really do make one feel like having a spring fling.

  10. These are very beautiful little birdhouses. The colors are just right for the season and the bird is pretty. Love these.

  11. Your little birdhouses are adorable. What says spring better? Love them.

  12. I've noticed that some of us, who are usually later posters, are quite early this week...hmmm, you are inspiring me to move a little quicker from now on...heehee.

    These are so sweet and spring-y. Love the colors and the gorgeous birds. I can see these gracing a little spring-themed (or Easter?) tree.

  13. I have a collection of bird houses. They are all outside and very weathered by now. Yours are so fresh and precious Angie.

  14. Hi Angie!

    You're getting so effecient! Next thing you know you'll all your entries in early!

    I love your little birdhouses!

  15. Hey there
    I am cathing up on blogs today
    I adore your little bird houses how amazingly adorable OH MY!!!!
    You Inspire me!!!!