Monday 28 March 2011

Gorgeous etsy buys

I wanted to share with you some of my recent purchases from etsy. 

It's important to me to support independant artists and crafters when I can (and of course that means I also get to own some of their wonderful work, which is a bonus!)
I adore these sweet little clay magnets by Cariad Clay, especially the little bird - her work is so charming!
My gorgeous new silver key necklace by The Magpie's Daughter.
Regular readers may know about my slightly strange obsession with keys! As soon as I saw this I knew I'd have to have one. 
I bought these postcards of Andy Bartos' wonderful artwork intending to send them to friends, but found that I can't bear to part with them! 

Andy also runs a competition in his shop every month, where you can win one of his wonderfully detailed and evocative portraits. Here's one he did earlier! Isn't it amazing?
And - guess who was the lucky winner of Andy's contest last month! Watch this space, I'll be posting the finished work here once it's completed :)

I'd love to know what etsy goodies you've bought lately?


  1. Aw Thank you for the mention :)
    I love that Key Necklace too!

  2. Great buys!
    I love Andy's work and have admired those same postcards for some time! Can't wait to see your portrait - how exciting!

  3. How fun! I love to get my purchases from etsy, as well. I just got some fun address labels with vintage typewriters on them from a cute little shop called RachelInk. Very cute stationary.

  4. You're welcome Cariad :)

    Kitzie I know I'm really excited - I just need to find a decent photo now lol!

    Aw what a sweet shop Tammy - I love her seahorses! Your labels sound lovely :)

  5. Gorgeous purchases! I am still exploring and learning about the wonderful world of Etsy & I am loving all the gorgeous handmade items available. The place is bursting with inspiring talented people. (Makes me a little nervous about my own attempts but I'm trying to ignore the critic in my head. Trying. Lol.) Anyhow, I plan to do a lot more of my shopping on there in the future. I just wish postage from abroad was a little cheaper but it is often worth it for the amazing array of gifts available. And if I can get my tired brain into gear this week I hope to add more to my own shop soon.

    Kat X

  6. Kat yes, there are some amazingly talented artists on etsy!

    And your "attempts" are fabulous, I can't wait to see what else you add to your shop!

  7. So glad you love your key. :) I'm particularly fond of those little magnets, oh just imagine if they were buttons though! Yum!

  8. They're lovely aren't they? And she actually make buttons too :)

  9. Ahhhhhhh we sure are lucky wee ladies owning some of the wonderful works of CariadClay. I canna stop looking at them. My Ma was soooooo pleased with her "Cariad" heart for Mothers Day n all! Thanks for popping by. Hoping to chat some more soon. Loves Ionwen X