Wednesday 19 January 2011

What I'm working on

A quick glimpse of work-in-progress for the commission that I'm doing at the moment. The finished piece will be a canvas of 20 hearts.  

As you can see, I'm still very much at the "playing around with colours and pretty things" stage at the moment (which is always my favourite part!) . 
I need to make it a little more "rustic". The lovely lady I'm creating this for lives in a farmhouse, and has suggested adding part of a farmers almanac or seed packet. I'm also thinking of adding some twine and maybe some skeleton leaves. If you have any other ideas feel free to chime in!

I'll post a photo of the finished canvas once it's completed :)


  1. Hi Angie, I love the different elements you have chosen to use. I cannot wait to see the finished project. You asked if we had any ideas and a few popped into my head. So here they are; form a heart with some thin small twigs or seeds. Maybe cut a heart shape from a piece of burlap or a rustic bit of fabric. Maybe tea stain an eggshell and then crush it gently and use the pieces like a mosaic to form a heart. ?? Just some ideas. No worries if none of them make the cut. =)

    Have fun!

  2. angie ... i love it already! love the papers you chose for this. Tammy has such great ideas!! mayb you can rust some wire mesh and nails, rusty washers and pieces of wood where the paint has chipped off ... that will make it rustic alright :)

  3. Tammy, Luthien you've both given me some great ideas there - thanks so much to you both!! I wonder if I have funds to employ you both as my creative assistants...

  4. Its going to be lovely and I love all the above ideas

  5. I love what you've done with the hearts so far- I love ALL of your collage canvases, be it hearts or tags or whatever!
    Also Tammy and Luthien had some great ideas- can't think of anything I'd add in...
    I know it will look fab no matter what choices you make!

  6. Ooh, Tammy and Luthien have their minds working a mile a minute! Great ideas from both of them. I always have a hard time making something rustic. I love the papers and embellishments you have picked out too. I'm anxious to see the finished piece!

  7. Thanks everyone! I've done a bit more now, I'll post a pic once it's finished!

  8. I am excited to see a new heART canvas from you! They are always my favorite pieces!
    Great ideas from our team mates!