Sunday 23 January 2011

Roses and butterflies

I made these two little fridge magnets for the Inspiration Avenue challenge - "what's your favourite month?" And to see if I was any good at interpreting the theme, I'm not going to tell you what my favourite month is - let's see if you can guess!
I'm quite curious as to which month will be most popular. I'm personally not betting on February having many votes; dark, freezing, seems sooo long until spring and there's not even a Bank Holiday in sight!

 You can see everyone's submissions here.


  1. I'm thinking either May or June because of the roses on these BeaUtiFuL butterflies! Gorgeous work as always!

  2. These are really pretty!

    I'm going to guess March or maybe April....
    Fun idea getting everyone to guess!

    Kat :-)

  3. I was thinking April.
    maybe because of the pink...always reminds me of fresh and new.
    The magnets are beautiful, Angie :)

  4. Oh must be June? At least that's when the roses are blooming here. Of course they bloom from then into July and up until it frosts! Now I'm confusing myself...I'm hoping it's June because that's my favorite month!

    I love these sweet fridge magnets!

  5. I'm thinking May, because they remind me of Mother's Day :o) Beautiful roses and butterflies. Really pretty magnets! xo Michele

  6. I am guessing April or May. Either way, your entry is very beautiful. Okay, I voted for February because of Valentines Day and it's the last hoorah for winter or the last pretty snow fall. I am just a complete sucker for the one day when everyone is in love.
    What month is it?

  7. Thanks for dropping in and leaving a comment! Have a wonderful and creative week ahead~ ~Theresa

  8. We get butterflies all different months in the desert so I don't know...I'll guess April.
    Cool magnets!

  9. My favourite month was May. A few of you guessed right and the rest were pretty close, so I'll take that as a success lol!

    Thanks for all your lovely comments :)

  10. Gosh, Angie. I got here too late to guess. But I sure love the romance of the roses and butterflies.

  11. I love your pieces. My guess is May but that is because I love the month of May. haha
    Missed coming by here so I must catch up while I am here.
    Hope you are doing well and enjoying your weekend