Sunday 16 January 2011


This week's Inspiration Avenue challenge was - quite fittingly - inspiration!

Whilst I firmly believe that inspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere, I have noticed that I am drawn to certain symbols and themes repeatedly.  So this is my list of the things that inspire me most-
Collections and keepsakes
Love hearts
Things that are hidden, or partially covered
Words, both the look of lettering on a page and the meaning behind them
Things with a past, memories
Decay - the texture and colour of rust, faded beauty, softness.
Keys.  Secrets.
Nature - especially butterflies, feathers, tree branches and flowers

You can see lots more ideas on inspiration here
So ... what inspires you? 


  1. I find inspiration often comes from unlikely sources- here are some of my themes. Texture, seaside, the transience of grafitti, circles,letters,text, home, escape, shelter

  2. Such a beautiful display of inspiration, Angie. Many of the same things inspire me, as well. Your work for one.

  3. love your collage of inspirations!! so pretty!! i should print them out and look at them everyday and be inspired :)

  4. Your list inspired me!
    You must be the best collage-er ever...I especially love what you said about quotes, words and lettering...I am a sucker for all thing written.
    Have a happy week, Angie :)

  5. I love your list- all good things and ALL inspiring! I too love words and hidden things, tho' I rarely use them in my art.

  6. A great list of inspiring ideas and images, Angie. I can see so much of that in your work! I'm inspired by many of the same things...I agree with Luthien ~ your list should be printed out and looked at every day!

  7. Thanks for stopping by and your comments. I love your list. There is so much to inspire us~ Happy Creative Week to you! ~Theresa