Sunday 9 January 2011

A splash of colour (and a touch of monochrome)

This week's IAE challenge theme was colour (or "color", if you're in the US!)

I have a bit of a split personality when it comes to colour. On one hand I'm drawn to really
subtle, delicate, barely-there tones - and on the other hand to vibrant, rich, deep jewel shades - especially teal and deep, deep red.

The above mini painting is in colours that sing summer to me - sky blue, clean white, and sunshine yellow. I think I've been drawn to them as they're such a refreshing change at this grey time of year! I've also painted the little wooden easel in red, to contrast.
Conversely, I've also been doing some work entirely in monochrome this week. This is a pencil portrait that I've just finished as a commission. I don't do much "just" drawing these days, and I'd forgotten how much I enjoy it - another New Year resolution to add to the list!


  1. Both are lovely. you MUST draw more often- you are so good at it!!

  2. You are sooo goood at portraits! WoW! I love the splash of summer, too...I do love me some happy colors :)

  3. I truly understand the love of delicate as well as vibrant colors.
    Also your drawing is fantastic!!!!

  4. I love the daisy!!!
    Wonderful portrait too!

  5. What a lovely (little?) painting! Beautiful happy colours!

    Excellent portrait!!

  6. Love the daisy, reminds me of the ones in my new garden in the summer!

    Oh Boy! The portrait is excellent, you should definitely do more, especially if you enjoy doing them!

  7. That flower is a hoot. I got real enjoyment out of it. The colors are simply PERFECT for this IA challenge and I like how it's so playful and whimsical.

    However (could you tell there was one coming?) the photo that stole the scene was the one of your commissioned portrait. I nearly fell off my chair in awe and disbelief!

  8. Great job! On both! I love the daisy! Very straight forward and to the point!

  9. A very sweet daisy. I love the blue background against the red easel. One of my favorite color combos.

    You are an AMAZING artist! Wow! I am so impressed with your portrait drawing! Wow, Wow, Wow! You must do more if you enjoy it because you are fantastic at it!

  10. I love the sweet little daisy! I'm with you on dreaming of summer. It'll be here before you know it, since time seems to speed by lately.

    Wow, what a great likeness of the woman in the photo!! You are so good at portraits; I'll bet you could stay very busy with commissions!

  11. We are all starting to dream about the summer.

    Your simplicity makes beautiful things :)

    I love it!



  12. I LOVE your flower, wanted to leave a comment yesterday when I was doing the IA post but didn't have time. The colors are perfect and beautiful! Also, I love your drawing, I used to do everything in pencil and I too need to get back to it- there's something so meditative about just drawing....
    Have a great day!

  13. I think the winter weather has made many of us think of brighter colours this week.

    Your daisy painting is beautiful and your pencil drawing is stunning - you are really good at portraits!

    Kat :-)

  14. WOW are brilliant with the portrait! I love the mini painting also...that color is beautiful that you used in the background.