Wednesday 2 February 2011

Keys, buttons and ...chickens!

I promised to show you the finished hearts canvas that I posted about a little while ago.
It's going to be on display in a farm house, so I was going for a balance between pretty and rustic!
I took on board a couple of the suggestions that were kindly made in response to my last post.  
If you look closely you'll see some small pieces of rustic fabric as suggested by Tammy, and Luthien's suggestions of mesh (well, mesh-like fabric) and some lovely bits of chipped paint have also sneaked in! Thank you ladies :)
Also included are a drawing of a chicken (my buyer suggested that and I rather like it!), a real feather, and of course I can't seem to finish a mixed media painting without adding a key and button or two!


  1. gorgeous Angie!! so gorgeous!! and *squeal* I LOVE the chicken!! :) i'm a rooster by chinese zodiac you know :) hehehe ... i am sure your customer would LOVE this :)

  2. I think they are beautiful and I love the chicken. Perfect. take care.

  3. Oh Angie- it is beautiful. I love how all the different elements have come together. I bet your buyer will love it

  4. This is beautiful - I love the varying textures & materials. I really like mixed media art for its tactile interest. Your buyer is very lucky!

    Kat :-)

  5. Fab - bet it'll look great in the farmhouse :)

  6. I love it, so much detail! *passes a celebratory cake* :P x

  7. So beautiful- I am always so happy to see the finished results of your work! I also love that you share your process with us!

  8. Love this one, Angie! hearts and keys and buttons.

  9. Thanks everyone!

    Luthien I didn't know that your were a rooster - not surprised you appreciated the chicken then lol!

    Dayzee ooh - you know how much I love virtual cake!! Thanks :)

    Jeanette oh yes - you know me so well ;)

  10. WOW Angie! I am sorry I am late getting here...
    This is WONDER-full! I clicked on every picture so I could soak in all the detail...your pieces are like 12 mini artworks. I love it!