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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The twelve best things about Christmas - Number 2

Christmas markets! 

This photo was taken during a visit to the St Nicholas Fair in York, where all the stall holders wore Victorian fancy dress and it even snowed to add to the effect!
York Minster looked amazing at night, all lit up in the snow, but unfortuately due to the weather most of my photos have huge white blobs obscuring the picture, so I've borrowed this lovely image from Miss Muldoon!


  1. Wow! Lovely! I went to Bath once for a so called Victorian Christmas Fair but no-one was dressed up and it didn't snow :( I bet this was lovely!

    Ro xx

  2. I bet that was a very fun and festive evening.

  3. I bet it was fun, I CAN not believe all that stuff on the table, take care.

  4. What fun! You have the best things going on where you live! I'm moving to England ;-D (ha, I wish)

  5. Amazing! I swear, I'm gonna save some money and come and visit you...I'm telling you now so that it won't be a



  6. What a magical place you live in! I must admit to being a wee bit jealous- I suppose I'll just have to live vicariously through you :)

  7. Christmas markets really get you in the Festive spirit:)

  8. Thanks for your comments everyone.

    Maggie, Bunny - come on over, I'll get the kettle on :)