Wednesday 24 November 2010

The twelve best things about Christmas - Number 1

 OK - I know it's still November, but it's long been mulled wine weather here!

 I've already had my first glass of mulled wine this year, at the North Pole Bar (below) - Manchester's pop-up Christmas bar complete with kitsch decor (we're talking a huge plastic polar bear and faux furs to sit on)
(photo by
If you fancy making your own mulled wine, just add the following ingredients to a pan, and simmer for about 20 minutes before serving -
  • 300mls of water, 
  • 2 bottles of full bodied red wine, 
  • a whole orange stuck with cloves, 
  • a cinnamon stick,
  • 2 sliced lemons and a sliced orange, 
  • 6 tablespoons of honey
  • optional but if you're feeling adventurous, you can add 2 tablespoons of Cointreau!


  1. Y'know i've never had mulled wine...ever!! I love wine too so I might just have to give it a go, thanks for the recipe :)
    That bar looks fabulous, it's ages since I last went to Manchester!!

    Micki x

  2. Micki oh - you haven't lived!! You really must try it, it's just Christmas in a glass! x

  3. Yummmm, sounds good! Might have to try that recipe.

  4. Disclaimer - I am not responsible for anything anyone does whilst under the influence of mulled wine!

  5. Can you believe it? all this snow here and the locals don't know what mulled wine is? i must educate them! LOL! Thanks for the recipe, think I will go make!

    Ro xx

  6. Well, I guess I must admit I have never had mulled wine either. But you've talked me into it! The recipe sounds yummy!

  7. sounds delish...especially in a bar that looks like that. Looks fun!
    Did you wear your go~go boots too?


  8. Rona - no mulled wine?! If you can't educate your neighbours you may need to move back!!

    Let me know if you like it Maggie :)

    Bunny - but of course - I wear my go go boots everywhere! ;)

  9. I love mulled wine too. I had my first glass yesterday - just a wee one but it was delicious and warming and wintry. I fancy one right now...

  10. That photo is very enticing isn't it? I'm a bad influence Lisa ...! ;)

  11. That looks delicious, and in such an inviting place- Cheers!