Monday 6 December 2010

The twelve best things about Christmas - number 3 (and 4!)

Christmas cards, and making things! 
I'd had these card blanks for ages, and thought they'd be ideal to use up some spare scraps of paper and Christmas motifs. I like that these are traditional colours but still quite subtle. And handmade cards are always so much nicer than shop bought ones aren't they?


  1. No doubt about it; handmade is ALWAYS the best!

  2. I love hand made cards like this! I made ALL mine one year but sadly this year time ran away and I had to buy them :(

    And I do find it quite irritating in the shops like Walmart, they sell 'handmade' cards, which clearly are not handmade in the traditional sense, but because they have a topper or an embellishment stuck on they are deemed to be "handmade"!

    My favorite handmade one is a card my step-son gave me on my birthday the first year I was with his dad. It was a balloon, drawn on a piece of A4 lined paper which had been folded in half and read inside " Happy Birthday, Love Chris". that was six years ago and I still have it safely tucked away!

    These are lovely Angie and thank you for your kind comment on my current WIP!

  3. These are super beautiful...such charming little dazzlers!! Wonderful!

  4. Beautiful cards- so much more fun making them than trawling round the shops!

  5. These are lovely, Angie. So pretty and I have to agree with you. Handmade anything is almost always better than something mass produced.

  6. Thanks everyone :)

    Rona that's so sweet! I still have Christmas cards my son made for me at nursery - I don't think I'll ever throw them away!