Sunday 21 November 2010

Incognito Heart - Inspiration Avenue Creative Challenge

 I loved this week's IAE challenge theme - "Incognito".

I'm fascinated by things that are hidden or have been concealed. 
 For this canvas I played with different ways of doing this. On the first tag I hid a note in a tiny envelope; on the second tag, one button is real and the others are faux (incognito paper - disguised as buttons!).  

For the third tag I partly concealed a heart with translucent ribbon. And finally, I had to add a little key ... to unlock all the secrets!
 This canvas measure 7 x 5 x 0.5" andwill be posted in my etsy shop today.

You can find all this week's challenge entries by clicking here. We'd love you to join in the challenge next week too - a brand new theme is posted every Monday :)


  1. I love this! Great creativity.
    The heart hiding behind translucent ribbon and all the other little secrets the key will open.Precious.

  2. Ooh love this one, I too am a huge fan of 'hidden' things!!

    Micki x

  3. Wow Angie...4 brilliant ideas and my favorite art piece so far...I know, I always say that, but you keep topping yourself!

  4. Your artwork is very beautiful. I really like the elements you have used and the details of each tag. And a wonderful take on this week's challenge.

  5. What a gorgeous piece you created for this challenge Angie ~ I do believe it's my all time favorite!!

  6. Very pretty and creative piece! Such great detail!!

  7. Hi Angie!

    You might change your mind about me naming my cat after you! While it's true that we did name her Angela, our angel kitten, we soon flipped it over to Angela the Demon Cat! A little oxymoronic, but much more apropos!


    And, I love your entry! It's intriguing and beautiful!

  8. WOW!! You do repetition so well, and this is one of your most stunning pieces I have seen. Great take on incognito. Those buttons really had me fooled.

  9. I just love your mixed media piece.
    I love using envelopes and hiding art in them.~Theresa

  10. That is a cool piece! I love it. I love little mystries, seek and finds, and such.

  11. I really love this!

    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving week my lovely friend!

    With Love,

  12. This is wonderful- I love it when you do your tag canvases!

  13. oh gosh angie ... you have outdone yourself this time ... TRULY! what a beautiful piece of work! i love the colors, the tone, the texture and especially the thought process that went thru this piece of masterpiece!! totally totally stunning!

  14. Wonderful response to the challenge. I thought all those buttons were real, LOL!


  15. Thanks everyone for your comments - they always make me smile!

    Lol Judy! Well even us angels can have a naughty side ;)

  16. This is lovely. I love the idea of "hidden" treasures