Saturday 10 October 2009

Autumnal Etsy Finds

I've always loved autumn; the rich, warm colours, crunching through fallen leaves, crisp, fresh mornings where you can see your breath, parkin cake, the crackle of bonfires, and the run-up to Christmas (sorry to remind you!). This is my selection of hand-made, autumn inspired etsy beauty - enjoy!
Signs of Autumn Fall Wreath
One Left...The Weekender-Orange Retro-Cecil and Co.
Cognac Deluxe - Glass Pendant Necklace with Antiqued Copper
The Gift ORIGINAL Mixed Media Collage Print
Unity Bracelet
Red Maple Large Copper Artwork


  1. what a beautiful collection angie! and i love how you laid them out :)) very very professionally done :)

  2. Thanks Luthien - they are beautiful items, aren't they? Though if I've laid them out well, with my p.c. skills it must have been a fluke lol!

  3. Oh this is beautiful Angie, I love all your selections!! Of course I was dumb founded to see my bracelet at the bottom, lol! Thanks so much!

    Your selections are so warm and glow with the colors I love in this season!!

    I also love the way you laid this posting out, really cool - you'll have to share you secret with us sometime about how you managed that!

  4. Great collection!
    Love the autumn colors. I think Autumn's a great season, but it's followed by the dreadful winter, so I am not so excited about Autumn being just around the corner...

  5. These are gorgeous finds! Love Sharon's bracelet.

  6. Sharon, it's a pleasure - I love the colours in that bracelet! I did the posting by making an etsy mini - no secret - you should know I'm not that computer literate lol!
    Tali I know what you mean - I much prefer October's reds and oranges to January's dismal greys!
    Thanks Tammy - I love Sharon's bracelet too!

  7. These are lovely finds Angie! I adore autumnal colours - so rich and vibrant!

  8. Gorgeous collection! The colors are beautiful and so very fall!

  9. This is a beautiful collection. The colors are just all so warm.

    I am trying to catch up on my Blog visits so I am off to see what I missed on yours while I have been away.