Tuesday 28 June 2011

Manchester Student Art

Does anyone else love going to their local University's end of year art show? I love it - it's one of the highlights of my year! I'm always overwhelmed at the skill exhibited and the sheer variety of work on display. These are a few of my favourite things from Manchester's art students this year -
 A whole town (and tiny townspeople) made from paperand ink
 I loved this collection of beautiful and faded things - I really like the way the artist has used empty frames to emphasise certain parts of her display
There was also quite a bit of "proper" painting this year! I found this triptych very striking, and I love how you can't fully make out the face -I am always intruiged by things hinted at rather than seen!
And as for the textiles - well, I could happily spend a whole day looking at those! How gorgeous is this exotic fabric? 

Most universities and art colleges have end of year shows and work is often for sale, it's a great afternoon out and you never know - you may even spot the next Tracey Emin!


  1. What fun! Students come up with such fresh ideas! I really love the faded pieces with the empty frames.

    And congrats on your work being selected for the exhibition! I really love the piece you submitted.

  2. What a great idea for a day out.

    Love the paper and ink town, it's inspiring me to make handmade books! x

  3. You know I never thought of doing that and I live right near to a great University too, I must find out more about these kind of things!! :)

  4. Oh wow some beautiful work isn't there! BTW, thank you so much for my calendar it looks fab on it's new shelf! I will take a piccie and blog as soon as I get back to blogland proper!


  5. Great work. I love the idea of using suspended frames and how the focus would change depending on where you stand

  6. Oh these are wonderful Angie ~ thanks so much for sharing! We haven't lived close enough to attend one of these but we always support the local high school students, proof positive that art has no age range or limit.

    Loved all your selections but that tiny town and fabulous fiber are the top of my list ~ the fiber reminds me of something you'd find on Papaya!


  7. beautiful!! how come i never knew such exhibitions happen when i was in Manchester?! Hrumph!! i LOVE the second artwork ... the faded one. fabulous!

  8. Thanks for sharing - these are great. I haven't been to a Uni show in many years - since my sister graduated her art degree I think. Isn't it wonderful to see so much creative spirit and talent on show? So inspirational.

    Kat X

  9. Thanks everyone for all your thoughtful comments :)

    Rona I'm really pleased you like your calendar :)

    Luthien they do an end of year show every year but I only found out about it myself a few years ago - well kept secret lol!