Sunday, 13 December 2009

This week's IAE team challenge was to create something on the theme "imagine/imagination". This is my submission. It's actually page from my sketchbook, not a finished piece, using gouache paints, bits of brown paper and pencil. Sometimes I think the experimental process produces the most interesting results; in fact I often cut up old sketchbook pages to use in other work! It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see - Henry David Thoreau

A painting is never finished - it simply stops in interesting places - Paul Gardner


  1. What a fabulous idea to incorporate past sketches into your new pieces. This piece reminds me of fall with the colors and a patchwork quilt. Very interesting, Angie.

  2. angie! i love the colors of this piece! and i really like the idea of using experimental pieces in future works ... this is just awesome :))

  3. I love the colors in this one, still "your" palette, but somehow it!

  4. Gorgeous work for this week's submission Angie, love it!! It's a fascinating break away from your usual style and almost reminiscent of what I call 1960s mod - very cool!

  5. Yeah very 60s. Looks like it would sit happily on display in Habitat! Love the little stick figure climbing across it. I'm just listening to Uninvited (Freemasons version) which provides the perfect soundtrack for it!

  6. Tammy thanks! And yes I can see that - it is a bit quilt-like!

    Luthien thank you - you're always so sweet!

    Thanks Stephanie, it's funny I never really think about colour but I'm always drawn to the same ones!

    Sharon thank you - I like the 1960s mod comment! It's fun to venture into something a bit different isn't it?

    Lisa how imaginative of you to provide music! That's fab - thank you! Lol - "fab" - I'm even writing like I'm in the 60s now!!

  7. Oh too cool - Lisa's totally right about the music! Cool version too, hadn't heard that one before.

  8. kinda mod...kind cool...kinda impressed.


  9. I love the way you just let it happen, I'm a wee uptight, so I always admire people who aren't.
    Love it :)

  10. I love this piece! Very mod! The colors are fantastic and a welcome change from all the Christmas red and green we are seeing now!

    Thanks for "fanning" me on my fb! I am just setting it up, and really don't know what the h*** I'm doing, so it makes me giddy to see new fans!

  11. Bunny thank you - that's kinda lovely of you!

    Thanks Pat, and Lisa!

    Maggie you're very welcome for the "fanning" - and don't worry, I still haven't got a clue on Facebook and I've been there a bit longer than you!