Sunday 21 April 2013

Sneak peek...

A new mixed media canvas I'm working on ...
 I like the distressed look of the background (I wasn't sure at first but it's grown on me!)
I'm finding that I'm endlessly drawn to white and neutrals lately. Life's been a bit chaotic and I think maybe I'm craving some quiet and calm ... working with this colour palette seems to encourage reflection.

Do you find that the colours you're working with tend to reflect your mood?


  1. OOOH! I see lots of beautiful tidbits!!! Heart is beating faster. <3

  2. Oo this looks exciting! I love all the textures and the colour palette has a real sense of serenity to it. I definitely think my mood is influenced by the colours I use/wear and vice versa!

  3. Ah you know I love seeing these works in progress ~ your tag projects are always so filled with intricate details I find entirely delightful!
    Hope you're doing great otherwise!