Wednesday 27 March 2013

Art journal round robin - Lisa's journal (blues)

The first journal I received to work in was Lisa's - handmade from a beautiful aged hymn book, it felt precious and full of secrets.
Lisa's chosen colour theme is blues ... tranquil, serene and spiritual.
These are the pages I worked on ...
Inspired by the cover of the journal, tied up with it's turquoise ribbon, I teamed my blues with rich chocolate brown and added some ochre tones.
As Lisa and I share a fascination with things hidden, I made a little envelope, and tucked inside a scrap of paper with music notes, a tiny piece of lace, and a blue paper rose. 
 I also used a slide mailer (bought ages ago just because I loved the look of them) painted and collaged with paper, film negative and a little red felt heart ... it opens to reveal an ornate key and a quote (although sadly my handwriting is nowhere near as beautiful as Lisa's!)


  1. That is so beautiful! It certainly does look very precious x

  2. O ANGIE!!!
    I just cannot believe how incredibly WOW these pages are!!!
    So secret and sacred and serene and any other sweet 'S' words...
    O, the pocket and tag and mail slider(never saw one of those before) and all the tiny treasures, it is Scrumptious! And that red heart amongst all of the blue just shouts "love is all there is" I love it Angie, thank you ♥♥♥

  3. Angie, these pages are stunning! I love all of the beautiful shades of turquoise and the tag and slide with the heart are so Lisa! I cannot wait to see it in person. I know Lisa loves it!

  4. Ooh this is just so dreamy and totally wonderful!! I can't wait to see this when it comes my way!

  5. Gorgeous work. LOVE these beautiful pages.

  6. Totally Beautiful and all the "S" words and more.
    just Beautiful. Can't wait for it to fly my way.

  7. Oh gosh I thought I'd commented on this but the days got away from me... I always love seeing what you girls do for these exchanges, so much creativity flowing in and out of everyone!