Wednesday 24 October 2012

Roman Holiday

A few photos from my trip to Italy - 
We spent a couple of days in the mountains, exploring tiny, timeless little villages full of cobbled steps ... 
 ... and enjoying long, lazy lunches in the sun!

And a couple of days in Rome, which I absolutely fell in love with. 

It's magical; there seems to be a sense of history in the air itself. 

It's full of beauty and colour...
...and architecture...
... and breath-taking sights waiting for you around every corner ...

I couldn't leave of course without throwing a coin into the Trevi Fountain ... it's meant to ensure that you will return to Rome one day... 


  1. Of all the places we have visited, Italy is (so far) my stand-out favourite! I have all my photos set up to slideshow as my computer screen saver, so every time I walk into the room I remember......

  2. Oh how amazing, I love these pictures too- gorgeous!

  3. Oh my... how magickal, I am so happy you had such a lovely experience! The photos are gorgeous!!

  4. Oh wow...I am drooling over your photos. How magnificent! What gorgeous cobble stone paths and that view! The food looks fantastic and the architecture and art is amazing. What a wonderful experience. Thank you for sharing your photos and did you throw a coin in for me? lol

  5. I love rome and seeing your images has brought so many great memories back. Love the Trevi it's the daddy.EE

  6. How fabulous Angie... my number one place on my wish travel list is Italy... the photos are divine... looks like you had an amazing time... and yes... who could resist throwing a coin into the Trevi Fountain... sigh... beautiful...

    Jenny ♥

  7. Thanks everyone for your comments - if you've not been and get the chance I'd definitely recommend it!

    Tammy - yes of course I threw a coin in on your behalf too! x