Sunday 28 October 2012

An English Autumn

An October day in Whitworth Park, Manchester...
I'm lucky in that the park is only about a 20 minute walk from my house ...
... and that there's a wonderful art gallery right next to it, with floor to ceiling windows so you can admire the art of nature as well as the art on the walls.   
When I visit an exhibition I like to walk home through the park, especially when it's a warm, clear day and the trees are displaying their autumn colours ...
I took these photos for my friend Luthien from Altered Alchemy. She lives in Malaysia but studied in Manchester some years ago. I think she misses the autumn colours (though to compensate she has much better weather!)
Happily, the topic of autumn also coincides with this week's Inspiration Avenue theme - click here to see more autumnal submissions.

Happy Sunday!


  1. awww... Angie!! these photos you captured are sooo beautiful! they totally brought me back in time ... i can even smell the dampness in the air and feel the frosty wind on my cheeks. i miss seeing the changing colors of the seasons ... thank you for taking these beautiful pictures ... xoxoxoxo

  2. Hey Angie love you pictures they are great at the fall capturing. Thanks for poppin over to see me the other day!

  3. Oh when I see these images I imagine you painting lovely canvases inspired by fall leaves and colors!

  4. I so love the colours of autumn, lovely pics! Weather has turned a bit yuk today though!! Elaine x