Wednesday 19 September 2012

Round Robin Project - Journal Number 7

 This beautiful handmade journal was created by Lisa
She's done a wonderful job; I love how she's used lots of different papers, with touches of pattern and print here and there (it somehow feels less daunting to start work when you're not faced with a pure white page!)
 To reflect Lisa's love of words and writing I added a William Wordsworth quote and lots of lovely letters and text...
 Lisa also sent along some arty bits and bobs for us to add to her book if we wanted; I choose a luggage tag, a scrap of pretty floral paper and a torn calendar page.
 Journal Number 7 finished - only one more to go!


  1. wow!! that looks beautiful!! love the color and the masking ... also that bit of book scrap and the tag and hearts and button ... damn ... i love everything about it!!

  2. This is lovely, Angie! Lisa will treasure it. I love the layers and elements you've added. I'm in an autumn mood now, and am loving the colors!

    I love the quote...funny, I put a Wordsworth poem in your journal :) I'm hoping to finish the blog post on that today!

  3. All of the above, totally agree! Love the colors, the layers, button and gorgeous tag!
    So Lisa, I know she will cherish it!!

  4. Oh so beautiful, I know we all keep saying this, but what TREASURES these will be when they're done! I love all the pages you've created, and how you've specially planned for each one of US!

  5. It's gorgeous and perfect for Lisa! The layers are fabulous as always. I cannot wait for everyone to get theirs back. How exciting!

  6. Thanks everyone :)

    Maggie how funny - we must be on the same wavelength!

  7. A perfect reflection of you Angie...a perfect page for Lisa, I love that quote. I was just "saying" to Maggie how I imagine you to be feminine and full of lacy-ness, your art is so gentle and comforting.

  8. Gorgeous Angie... love the beautiful additions to Lisa's journal... the splash of color from the floral paper... and the quote... perfect...

    Jenny ♥

  9. Thank you both!

    Lisa your comment made me smile - I actually made that "gentle and comforting" art whilst listening to Nirvana ha ha!

    I do quite like lace though I will admit... maybe I'm just a bit of a contradiction! ;)