Thursday 27 September 2012

Autumn is upon us!

I love sunny summer days but autumn brings it's own pleasures - the trees are just starting to change colour here, the air is cold and fresh and crisp, and everywhere I look there are pine cones...
They make great home decor and I've also been using them as photo props for the Christmas decorations I'm making. These wooden snowflakes (and the personalised wooden houses pictured below) can be found in my etsy shop, which is getting more festive by the day!


  1. Love the snowflakes! Autumn can be so beautiful...if only it would stop raining!!!

  2. Aahhh ... autumn. favourite time of the year. would you go to the university and take some photos for me this autumn, if i asked this from you as a favour? ... i miss autumn at Whitworth Park ... :(

    1. Of course I will hon, I only live about 20 minutes away. Leave it with me :)

  3. Boy the seasons are just flying by any more, aren't they?! I loved collecting pinecones with Josh last Fall, for Christmas decorations ~ that was fun! Do you get out to collect them or do you have to rely on the corner craft shop? I've lived both so I understand.

  4. Sharon we live really close to a park (where I took the top photo) - there are hundreds lying around at this time of year!