Monday 23 July 2012

Round Robin Project - Journal Number 5

The 5th journal already, only 3 more to go! 
I'm already a bit sad that this project will soon come to an end, but it's lovely seeing each book getting more full of fabulous art.
This gorgeous journal is Kim's. I kept to her robin theme with my pages ...
I printed onto the background then added washes of the richly coloured Koh-i-Noor inks I got for Christmas!
I've used acrylics and coloured pencil for the little bird on a branch and the sun, and the musical notes and quote were added in pen.

And of course a little bird tag ...
And now ... I'm off to the Great British seaside for a couple of days to relax, take lots of pictures and (fingers crossed!) soak up some sun! See you when I get back x


  1. Hi Angie! You did such a beautiful job. I love the colors and the shading you did! It looks like it's sunrise or sunset. Two of my favorite times of the day. I know Kim will cherish this.

    Have fun at the seaside. I am so glad you are getting some sunny weather. Hugs!

    1. Thanks for your lovely comments Tammy! Will certainly do my best to enjoy the sun - have to be quick before it starts raining again ha ha :) x

  2. Oh this is SO beautiful- Kim is going to be THRILLED when she sees it- I LOVE it!
    Have a nice vacation!

  3. I love the idea of a round robin like this. Each journal is so different and your contributions have been so inspiring. I need to figure out how to organize one....they look like fun. Have you had any trouble with someone not holding up their commitment? Could you email me with how you started yours?

    1. Terrie thank you! I can't take credit for organising this though - that's down to the amazing and very organised Lisa from Priti Studios :)

      Basically Lisa gathered our addresses, drafted a list of who would post each journal on to who, then let us get on with it!

      The only real guideline we have is that the journals are meant to be posted to the next person by the end of each month.

      Other than the odd time a journal has been a couple of days late being posted on (cough...that may have been me...cough!) it's been really enjoyable and trouble-free so far!

      If you'd like to ask anything else please do x

  4. Oh I saw this pop into my Inbox and meant to comment immediately ~ your work is absolutely g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s in this piece, seriously! You know I love your creations but this is so beautiful and the colors & details add so much extra dimension. Really love the delicate beauty of this one!

    1. Thank you Sharon I really appreciate your kind words :) x

  5. This is gorgeous!! I love the cute Robin singing from his heart, the quote is inspiring and the colour wash backgrounds are stunning. Really lovely. I can't wait to see it in person.

    Oh and we were in the woods earlier at a local cafe and the robins there were so tame they came and sat on the table just a couple of feet away. Really adorable.

    It is definitely a good week to go to the seaside. We are loving it here in Cornwall for sure. This sunny dry weather has been more than overdue!! Enjoy :-)

    Kat Xx

    1. Thanks so much Kat. It's on it's way to you as I type!

      Glad you're enjoying the sun too - you're very lucky, I bet summers in Cornwall are idyllic!

      And how funny - I saw a robin on my seaside trip too, and I've not seen any for months. Maybe it's a good omen for our round robin!