Saturday 28 July 2012

Beside the seaside

Some photos from my trip - the pretty towns of Scarborough and Whitby on the Yorkshire coast ...
The Victorian Spa building in Scarborough, with views of the bay ... 
 Brightly coloured beach huts...
This scene reminds me of an Anthony Gormley sculpture!
Fishing nets and lots of gorgeous sea-rusted metal!
And one of the dive-bombing seagulls was even kind enough to pose for me...!


  1. I love going to the seaside! Your photos are amazing...those beach huts are so colorful. And the picture of the people standing on the beach ~ too funny! It does look like sculpture :)

    Somehow I missed the round robin post...I LOVE it! The robin singing on the branch and the quote are enchanting. And the background is so beautifully done!! Love love love it! Lucky Kim, I'm sure she will be in love with it too.

  2. beautiful, I love Whitby except for the smelly bits and the pub carpets - we found both of the pubs in Whitby that had carpets that stuck to the soles of your shoes eeeggh! really like the rust image.EE

  3. Hi Angie
    Looks like you had a lovely sunny break. Fab creative vibrant photos! I haven't been to Scarborough or Whitby for years. I lived in York for a while & my sister lived around east yorkshire for a long time so am familiar with both. Scarborough is prettier and I love some of the architecture but Whitby is beautiful in a more rugged raw working way.

    Kat Xx

  4. Oh what a lovely local ~ I miss the beach so much this year!

  5. Oh my gosh, Angie, I love that spa!!!! Gorgeous! Your images all captured my heart. I love the colorful huts. Wow, so pretty and vibrant. I also love the rusty chain.