Wednesday 14 March 2012

Travelling textiles project

This is my little fabric square which is going to be travelling around Europe (I'm slightly jealous of it!)

I made this for a European community art project, organised by etsy in The Netherlands. In an uncharcteristic display of patriotism I chose the colours to represent the Britsh flag ;)

The finished piece will involve lots of 7 cm fabric squares, all made by different etsy sellers,  joined together to make a large installation piece.

It will be displayed on 16th and 17th March at this textile art exhibition in the Netherlands, 
then will move on to be displayed in Belgium and then maybe further afield!

We've been promised photos of the final piece so I'll post one here once it's finished.


  1. I love your little fabric square... and love the sound of this project... can only imagine how fabulous it will be once it is finished... will look forward to seeing the end result...

    Jenny x

  2. Oh Angie you do get to do the most exciting stuff! Love this little piece and can't wait to see it all made up with the others!

    hugs Ro xx

  3. well congrats to you!! your little fabric square is about to be famous!!

  4. That is lovely. I'm ashamed to say I totally forgot about it. I had everything planned and then the time just ran away with me and I suddenly realised that the deadline was the day before so very cheesed off

  5. What a great project. I usually find out about these things when it's just too late for me to get something made for them!
    Love your square :)

  6. What an exciting project! I love red, white, and blue...patriotic or not. And I love the symmetry your creations always have! I can't wait to see the finished piece :)

  7. Love this Angie, it's gorgeous. What an exciting project to be part of :-)

    Kat Xx