Thursday 16 February 2012

Photos from Saltaire

Some things I photographed during a recent visit to Saltaire in Yorkshire...
(Brief historical note for those who may be interested - Saltaire is a model village which was built for the textile industry during the first Industrial Revolution - 1850's-ish?)
 Ceramic vases on display in Salts Mill because they were so beautiful...
  This portrait from the David Hockney exhibition because it touched me ... and his "Cubist postbox" because it made me smile!
This unusual old church that I loved because of it's shape ...

And some of the many white lilies whose scent was everywhere


  1. Hi Angie, love those vases! And Lilies are my favorite too.

    Thank you for popping over to was lovey to 'see' you!


  2. this is one of my all-time favourite places!! i feel ready for another visit...

  3. Sounds like a wonderful place to visit ~ I just love it when you share your outings with us! Those ceramic vases are exquisite!!