Saturday 10 December 2011

Christmas Bauble Tutorial

This week's challenge at Inspiration Avenue is "Christmas baubles". I thought it would be good to do a submission and an easy tutorial in one!
So here's a little project to make a pretty bauble for your tree, which is easy enough to do with the kids on a rainy afternoon (you may want to use PVA glue to attach the flowers rather than pins, depending on their ages!)

You'll need -
A Styrofoam ball
A flower punch
Pretty paper - spare Christmas gift wrap is ideal
Paint in a colour to match your paper
Short length of ribbon for hanging
A cocktail stick

1. Paint your Styrofoam bauble in a colour to co-ordinate with your papers - I've used a rich gold. You don't need to be too fussy with the painting as most of it will be covered. You don't need special paints for this project either - even leftover emulsion would do the job!
2. Using the cocktail sick, make a hole in the top of the bauble, and fill this with a blob of PVA glue.
3. Make a loop with your ribbon, then push the loose ends into the hole, again using the cocktail stick.
3.Punch lots of little flowers from your festive papers - the more the merrier!
4. Using pins, push each flower into the Styrofoam ball, until it's completely covered.

5. Stand back and go "ta-da!" (optional)
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  1. Beautiful bauble- great idea and a lovely tutorial. Now I know why my ribbon fell off when I made fabric baubles- I should have used pva glue!!!!

  2. What a wonderful tutorial Angie ~ gee I haven't been here in ages, ugh! Granted things have been... difficult but no excuses.
    I hope you're doing great and enjoying a wonderful holiday season!

  3. PS. There's something funky going on with your blog ~ when I clicked to leave a comment a new window opened for some theme site... might want to check your sidebar add-ons. If you need help ~ shoot me a message. ;-)

  4. Love your entry to IA this week--beautiful ornament that is easy & fun plus a tutorial!

  5. Oh this is beautiful!!! And thank you for the tutorial!!!

  6. Wonderful tutorial, I will see if Audrey wants to give it a go. Very simple but very beautiful. You are very clever.

  7. Great tutorial though have to say still have nightmares about the years of sequinned Styrofoam balls from a few years back... don't think my sanity has recovered from that... this is really lovely though and thanks for the time and effort you put in...xx

  8. Angie, I love how beautiful and simple this is! It can be managed even with all the holiday rushing around :) Thank you!

  9. This is an oldie but goodie project - I used to make these in girl scouts! Simple is good!! Thanks for the visit & Happy Holidays.

  10. I should have stopped here first...
    Ho-made ornaments are always the best.
    I got a little laugh out of step#5.
    Never hurts to give yourself a pat on the back!

  11. What a fantastically simple idea! I love the paper you've used. It will look gorgeous on the tree!

    Thanks for the lovely comments you left on my IA piece this week.