Sunday 27 November 2011

Aged Beauty - IAE Challenge

I only had about an hour to work on the Inspiration Avenue challenge this week, but I was so in love with the theme (not to mention inspired by the work of our fabulous guest challenge-setter Luthien!) that I HAD to submit something. And once I started I found I couldnt stop!
Luthien chose to set the challenge on "aged beauty" - a theme that I find fascinating and that recurs in her own work with beautiful effect. So these collage pieces are a tribute to aged beauty and to Luthien - who may recognise some of the elements I've used!


  1. This was the perfect theme for you Angie, and you didn't disappoint me! You truly are the master of the vignette. There are so many beautifully aged elements...that little brass spoon! What a treasure.
    Gorgeous artwork!

  2. no one makes Aged Beauty as fabulous as you my dear fren :) i am so glad you played!! it's your trademark and it would have been a shame if you didn't. such beautiful, lyrical and romantic work!!

  3. You did a wonderful job with this challenge! I love all the collages. They have a very romantic & almost steampunkish feel to them.

  4. What beautiful compositions. I particularly like the simplicity of the last one but the middle one has some intriguing elements too. Very nice!

  5. This is super! Your colors and compositions are perfect. I love the ageless and timelessness of these beauties.

  6. WOW, WOW, WOW. These are beautiful. I've been looking at them for a while now in awe of the delicacy, colour and antique-ness. So GLAD you played too.

    *thanks for the blog visit and comment on my IA piece*

  7. Angie, this is gorgeous! You've included everything I love. You are such a talented lady. Hope you are enjoying your holiday season.