Tuesday 11 October 2011

Street art

I know there are mixed opinions on graffiti but I'm pretty much on the "art isn't crime" side!
Some photographs I took in the centre of Manchester recently...
And some work from 2 artists who take the concept of street art to a whooole new level -
Kurt Wenner
Pic from www.kurtwenner.com
and Julian Beever -


  1. Great photos- I think you know, I'm with you on this one! I can't stand scribbled tags and rude words, but artistic pieces like those certainly have a place.Those last 2 photos are unbelievable!!!!!

  2. Graffiti art can be so clever and imaginative. But the last two street art pieces you've shared are AMAZING! Wow! Thanks for showing them to us :-)

    Kat Xx