Sunday 23 October 2011

Party week challenge - "On the wings of inspiration"

We thought our Inspiration Avenue party this week deserved a fitting challenge theme! So with this in mind my lovely team mate Kat asked -

"What inspires you?"

Inspiration can be found anywhere, often it's just about looking at things in the right way. 
Sometimes I'm inspired by poems, a whispered conversation overheard on the bus, or the shapes of clouds. Often I find inspiration in unexpected places - the patterns in shattered glass or a tarnished, rusty door can be beautiful.
     My Inspiration Avenue team mates are always inspiring to me. I'm constantly left in awe at the amazing, diverse and original work they create. And as well as that they're some of the lovliest, most caring and uplifting people I know (quick pause for a group hug!)

    My piece for this challenge includes some of the things that inspire me most -
    found objects
    old text
    keys, locks and secrets
    memories and faded things 

    I hope you like it :)
    To see all our challenge pieces visit the IAE blog - we'll also be announcing our giveaway winners there very soon!


    1. I LOVE your tag pieces, always so beautiful AND inspiring!

    2. Remember when our team blog had that pop up show up every time someone tried to leave a comment, well that is happening here too, I'm sorry to say. I forget how we got rid of it but we need to ask.
      The things that inspire you, also inspire me. Your art is always so pretty, Angie. Hugs!

    3. Like it???? I love it! Your wee vignettes gather together to make artwork with such a big impact!
      And I want to give you a hug :)

    4. Angie,

      You have NO idea how close I came to making something using tags and found objects for this challenge. I have always admired your tag art redundancy. It is my idea of inspired art. I really LOVE this one, too.

    5. ahhh ... as always, your tags just take my breath away ... i wish i knew you when i was there in Manchester ... we can make so much mischief ... oops, i mean art ... together ;)

    6. I love this so much and really need to start exploring tags as a medium... yours just blow me away every time I see them. I would love to see some close ups of your work xx

    7. Ahh, I can see why these things inspire you.
      All very inspirational pieces and I love your display.
      Creative hugs,

    8. You tags are just gorgeous. So inspiring. I loved that you are inspired by whispered conversations on a bus - I have created whole stories based on one overheard comment!

      Thanks for stopping by my blog x

    9. A girl after my own heart! I love to use found objects on recipe cards. Just tonight I made coffee stained tags for gifts that just had a few scraps of tattered lace attached and a button. I love simple found object art. So nice to meet you.

    10. I so enjoy reading about what insires people. :) You made a wonderful piece.

    11. I like your tags a lot - they're simple but elegant and the found objects are just perfect. We all come across found objects but not everyone can put them together in such a well composed, pleasing, just charming way. Love your pieces!