Sunday 18 September 2011

IAE Challenge - Autumn Splendour

 Last minute and time poor as usual, I wanted to produce a quick submission for the IAE challenge (our theme this week was "Autumn Splendor"). 

I made this leaf print using red ink on gold paper. I've not done leaf printing since I was at school but it's lovely and quick and esy and you can get some really nice results. 

I went with the red as it felt suitably autumnal and I thought it would be dramatic against the gold. I think it looks quite festive too - maybe a consideration for this year's Christmas card??
 I tried a few leaves and colours - I quite like the shapes of these leaves but the print's not great - too much ink (it's a fine line!)

 I also had a go at leaf printing on a little wooden shape and added a bail (is that even the right word? Apologies to jewllers!) and a chain.

You can see all this week's submissions by clicking here


  1. Ange - you've got that pop up coming up on your blog - the one that we had on IA. Sharon knows how to get rid of it. It came up when I clicked on leave a comment!

    I'm off to the gardent to gather some leaves - you've inspired me!!

  2. Wow..these are all super unique and gorgeous..awesome..and beautiful!!

  3. I actually considered doing the exact same thing this week using a gelatin plate, but didn't have time to make the gel and allow it to set up. I even gathered some leaves and cut some branches, but I ran out of time as the week wore on. I love these though, and I know what you mean by fine line with the ink or paint you use. My favorite is of course, the red one.

  4. These are beautiful pieces. Leaves are my favorite and they make we think of autumn. I love that you use them as the focus of your art, so beautiful. I really love that you used them in very different ways with very different effects. So nice.

  5. What a cool idea! I had forgotten about this technique I last tried in school. They came out really lovely ~ I'm partial to red so I love that one but I also love the white-on-blue!

  6. I LOVE your prints- I've been doing leaf prints with my young students- SO much fun! My fave is that necklace- beautiful!

  7. You are so creative Angie! You're right the red one would be a perfect holiday card...or tag. I am impressed by your resolutions...great headway! I think a set of 6 heart ornaments would be a great seller.

  8. Bail is indeed the right word, and the pendant is lovely!