Wednesday 3 August 2011

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

I wasn't familiar with Jaume Plensa's beautiful and thought-provoking work until I visited his exhibition at Yorkshire SculpturePark last weekend, but I'm so glad I discovered it!
I love the transparency of his figures against the landscape ....
image courtesy YSP / © jonty wilde
Not by Plensa, but these huge rabbit sculptures also made me smile (the female one reminds me a bit of the Cadbury's bunny...!)
 ....and I loved the peeling paint on this wooden totem (yes, it is meant to be upside down!)...
And finally back to Plensa - his collection of tree huggers are all bronze casts of himself...
This work will evolve over time - as the trees grow they should eventually merge together with the figures...

 The Park is definitely worth the trip if you're near enough - setting art in the midst of nature brings an added dimension.


  1. I really need to go to England....I love the fact that you can see through the Art...and of course, bunnies are close to me


  2. What date did you go there? Me and the hubby went on Saturday 30th July, maybe we were there together and didn't know it? :)

  3. Lol Bunny - maybe that sexy lady rabbit was based on you? ;)

    Micki we went on the Sunday, great minds eh! I've never been before but isn't it an amazing place?

  4. We had a great time, i'd never been before, and I loved every minute of it.

  5. What a stunning place. I love the photo of the tree huggers. have a great week. smiles.

  6. Wow the Plensa figures look amazing! We are hoping to go when Mr Dotty is off next week- there seems to be something new to see at each visit. Glad you had a good time

  7. It sounds and looks wonderful wish I had seen it! Thanks for the photos. Kim

  8. Oh wow, this is amazing ~ thanks for sharing!

    Also wanted to stop by to say..
    ♥♫•.*Happy Birthday*.•♫♥

    Wishing you a year filled with happiness & success!