Saturday 6 August 2011

Wood for the trees....

I took this photo at Yorkshire Scuplture Park last weekend because it reminded me of a fairytale wood, and I loved all the roots running through the ground. 

I'm going to make this my submission for the IAE creative challenge this week. 

I love trees - I find them somehow quite calming. Especially those huge, majestic ones with gnarled branches that look like they've been alive for hundreds of years.  Maybe there's something about being in the presence of that sort of longevity that helps give a sense of perspective..? 

PS it's my birthday tomorrow, and I'm planning to announce a little giveaway this week to celebrate, so keep a lookout!


  1. Before I forget, have a lovely birthday tomorrow. I hope it is memorable.

    These trees are fantastic. Like you, I became enamored by the roots and how they reached above ground.

    Of course, I also liked the rest of the photos from Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Those sculptures are incredible. Of course, I also like the trees because they are for the IA challenge. Everything is truly lovely.

  2. A very Happy Birthday tomorrow honey.
    I hope your day is very special.
    Love this photo. Makes me want to go outside this evening and take pictures of these massive oaks where I live.
    Hope your doing well

  3. It does look like a fairytale wood! I like your photo, it's beautiful and it matches the challenge perfectly.

  4. Happy Happy Birthday. I hope you have a lovely day. love the photo. Enjoy

  5. Ok so not only were we at yorkshire sculpture park almost at the same time, our birthdays are in the same week too, mine is Tuesday ;o)

    Lol life is funny!!

    Love your photo it is wonderful.
    Trees are amazing things I love to be in the woods, it's my favourite place of all!!

  6. Oh, those roots are amazing! I love your photo ~ it's got such depth, and draws my eyes far into the picture.

    Happy happy birthday to you!!
    (Wish I knew how to do those little musical notes, I'd put some in :D)

  7. Wow, amazing photo! I love it!
    I also love birthdays, and I hope yours tomorrow is purely magical!


  8. It does look like a magical wood. You should stop there for tea with the faeries on your birthday.xx

  9. Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous, Angie! Such a beautiful place to take a stroll.

  10. Gorgeous photo! Yes, I know what you mean about there being something to being in the presence of longevity. I've written a few times on the imagined wisdom of trees that have seen so much human folly in their extensive years.

    As I'm reaching you on Monday I'm gutted that I'll already be late for your Birthday. I really need to write our team's Birthdays in my diary so I'm not always late!

    Kat Xx

  11. I am sorry Angie, I knew it was your birthday, but I couldn't get here yesterday as it was my Leo's birthday too! What a lucky day August 7 is!
    I hope it was a happy day!
    Your photo is a beauty. I love the roots.

  12. Beautiful photo. I think you can "feel" that trees are alive when you stand still in a place like that.
    Hope you had a great Birthday X

  13. I hope you are ok and not effected by the rioting, I know Manchester took a battering last night.

    I hope this stops soon.

    Hugs x

  14. Thank you all for your lovely comments and birthday wishes!

    Lisa I hope your Leo had a great day!

    Micki hope you had a wonderful birthday too!

    I wasn't in town last night luckily. Let's just pray all this madness stops soon :(