Wednesday 22 September 2010

I think I'll be dreaming about luggage tags .....

I've been working on a new luggage tag canvas; I'm hoping to finish it in time to exhibit at the Didsbury Arts Festival, which starts on Saturday.

These are some of the tags I've made so far. I love the process of collecting things tiny enough to use - it reminds me of that game where you have to find as many items as possible that will fit inside a matchbox!

For these 8 tags I've used tea stain, lace, old jewellery, clock parts, gold thread, ink, papers (including an old telephone directory), a mini envelope, negatives, ribbon and a safety pin!  

Best get on - only another 47 tags to make....!


  1. Oh yes, I'm exhibiting there too, but only one picture!

  2. ooo... those are really pretty!! can't wait to see the next 47!!

  3. Ooh that's great - I'll look out for you Jude - let me know where you're exhibiting?

    Luthien thanks sweetie, and I'm working on the next batch! x

  4. These are intricate and beautiful- I love your luggage series! The tags are works of art in themselves and then when you put it all together- gorgeous! I especially love the tag with the mini envelope and flutterby peeking out ;)

  5. Thanks so much Steph - I bought those little envelopes on etsy ages ago - I've been dying to use them!

  6. As usual, very lovely Angie. You have a very unique style which is great, unlike some of us who lurch from one thing to another!!! LOL! Maybe one day I'll settle down!

    Thank you for the comment of encouragement on my blog btw!

    Ro xxxx

  7. Thank you Kiki :)

    Ro there's nothing wrong with trying different things - believe me I do my fair share of chopping and changing between styles! Remember whatever you do, you are an artist :)

  8. Love, love, love the tags you've created so far! I don't' have one of your tag paintings so it's now on the top of my wish list. I really love the feel of each of these so I can't wait to see the final outcome.

  9. Thanks so much Sharon - I love making the individual tags, and then the process of putting them all together on a canvas!

    I sold the finished canvas on the exhibition opening day but if the photos I took are any good I'll put some up here :)

  10. I'm not a bit surprised it sold Angie, I'm sure the finished piece was gorgeous!! Would love to see photos if you have them.♥

  11. you must have the nimblest fingers, Angie. I can't imagine putting together something so wee and intricate. And then to do hundreds of them all differently!
    I would be in a straight jacket, LOL! With a postage stamp on my forehead :D
    Gorgeous work!
    I got my heart in the mail! I ADORE it! It feels so nice in my hand, smooth and cool and calming.
    It is bigger than I thought and I have hung it all over the just looks pretty everywhere :)

  12. Thanks Sharon - and I've posted a photo of the finished piece now :)

    Lisa I love making the tags, I find intricate and tiny work really relaxing! I'm so happy you like your heart, thanks so much for letting me know xxx