Sunday 26 September 2010

Didsbury Arts Festival Exhibition

My group exhibition at the Didsbury Lawn Tennis Club started yesterday, and runs to the 2nd October. 

The canvas on the left is the finished piece using the luggage tags pictured below, though apologies for the quality of the photo - you'll have to squint hard to see them!

We had a mini "Meet the Artist" session today; it's always fun eavesdropping on people's conversations about your work before they realise you're the artist! My favourite comment today was from a young boy who stood in front of one of my canvases and stated "it's weird - but pretty!" I liked that, I may use it!

I'm exhibiting with 3 other artists,  all of whom are amazing!

Lynne Duric paints the most beautiful, soft and atmostpheric watercolours -

Simone Ridyard (who is a practicing architect - can't you see that in her work) paints gorgeous and amazingly detailed landscapes, both urban and rural (Simone has also recently opened an etsy shop)

and Gemma Walker, who is exhibiting her wonderful, re-cycled textile art (this one is quilted plastic bags!) but who also makes the sweetest little knitted and fabric items (I love her knitted cupcakes!)


  1. Wow, such a diverse exhibit. Love to be there to see it.

    I'm with you. I enjoy wandering around to hear comments about my work. It gives me insights to what the public likes and is looking for.

    Kids are the most honest. So are the elderly.

  2. Gorgeous work! And these are all amzing works of art..thanks for sharing them. Wonderful!

    And thankyou for stopping by and your lovely words are appreciated!

  3. Thanks Kelly, and yes that's true - it's really helpful to get insights into what people like.

    Thanks so much Victoria :)

  4. Wow! Wish I could be there...looks like an amazing group...each piece is so different from the others and I like them all! Best wishes on a successful exhibit!

    Weird and pretty.
    What a great compliment!

  5. It looks great - I must try and get to see it.

  6. What a gorgeous collection of artists- I wish I could be there to see it! And your tag piece came out just as beautifully as I'd expected!

  7. Lisa thank you - I'm glad you thought that was a compliment too lol!

    Thanks Jude - if you let me know where you're exhibiting would love to see yours too :)

    Steph thanks so much - and I wish you (and Lisa) were close enough to come to see it too.

  8. How fabulous to get together with like minded people!
    Sound like a great exhibition.
    Lurve your pieces.

  9. It is always great to meet creative people Anna - either in person or online! Thanks so much for your compliment too :)