Wednesday 4 August 2010

I took this photo recently in one of my local churches, isn't this window breathtaking? 

I'm not especially religious, but if I'm ever having a tough day I do think there's a wonderful sense of peace to be found in old churches. How could anyone not be uplifted by the 
sight of such gloriously coloured stained glass with the light streaming through?

Strangely I get the same feelings of calm in art galleries, graveyards and old book shops, though that may just be me!


  1. that is breathtaking!!! i wonder how many hours of work went into that!

    well ... i guess it's not wrong to view a place of worship as some sort of art gallery too. places of worship are very important places for the people of old and artwork is something to be revered... so it's no surprise that these 2 elements meet together at one place :)

  2. Luthien I can't even begin to imagine how many hours (and how much love) went into it!

    LuLu yes, isn't it?

  3. I love churches, and stained glass windows too. Like you I'm not particularly religious, well not in the traditional sense anyhow, but I do love visiting churches just to admire the craftsmanship and the architecture, and also to soak up some of the peaceful atmosphere too.
    Beautiful Photo.
    Ro xxxx

  4. What a gorgeous window! I agree with Luthien ~ places of worship are often filled with beautiful art. And for good reason too. I think it does calm one's soul.

  5. Beautiful window, I love stained glass and I have to confess that I can do this too. (just not as good as this of course!) I find jewellery has taken over as stained glass is very time consuming and LARGE! Hee hee!

  6. Rona, Maggie nice that we share that :)

    Elaine I'm so impressed, would love to see some of your stained glass!

  7. You've just named all of my favorite places! That is the most beauty-full window. I think Luthien is right...some places of worship are art galleries...and so are graveyards. Never thought of that before, but it's true!

  8. Nice to know it's not just me who likes wandering round graveyards Lisa :)