Sunday 25 July 2010

Gone to pot!

I had a visit to Blakemere Craft and Shopping Centre in Cheshire this week. I've always wanted to have a go on a potters' wheel so took the chance whilst I was there. 

This is my first effort, slightly wonky and not quite worthy of being painted - it was fun though! And to be fair it was better when it first came off the wheel; I squashed in slightly in the car! 

Next time I'm bringing a cardboard cut-out of Patrick Swayze and  a CD of Unchained Melody for added atmosphere - maybe that will improve my work ;)

 I think next on my list is either encaustic painting or felt making. What craft/technique have you always wanted to try?


  1. Isn't it fun to try something new?

    I want to try felting!

    Happy Sunday,

  2. It was soooo much fun LuLu - I wanted to stay all day!

    I'll make you a deal - we both try felting by the end of the year!

  3. Hello Angie! I love your little pot and I definitely think it is worthy of painting. It could serve a wonderful fun purpose in your paint studio.

    I have always wanted to try encaustic painting. I priced the bees wax and it is very pricey but I will do it one day. I love the way it looks.

    Have fun trying new things. I have missed you.

  4. i think it's perfect for a first attempt!! erm ... i dunno about the song or the cardboard cutout tho ... you need some sort of REAL masculine hands for the spell to work ;)

    me? i think metal smiting if i have the chance :)

  5. Oh this brought back good memories. I bought my ex a potters wheel for Christmas one year so we could learn together. I never could center very well but he was a brick mason and worked with his hands all day so being strong he had no trouble.
    Would love to still have it and glad you got to try one.
    Thanks honey for always encouraging me to keep going

  6. Hi Tammy! That's a good idea, I could put brushes in it or something, as a memory of a lovely day! And lovely to "see" you, I've missed you too :)

    Thanks Luthien! I could try with some real masculine hands, not sure that would make me any better though! Metal smithing sounds fabulous!

    Maggie I'm glad I brought back good memories for you! And maybe you should get another potters' wheel! x

  7. I've always wanted to try potting! It looks like you did well for your first attempt- I'm not sure I'd have anything worth taking home! And I've always wanted to try encaustic painting, Cheryl over at Healing Woman has really been inspiring me with her work.

  8. Oh that does look like fun! I would love to try that too! I think your wonky vessel looks pretty darn good for your first attempt! Paint that sucker, use it and be proud!

  9. Thanks Steph, and I'll have a look at Cheryl's work too.

    Jaime thanks, it is great fun to do you should definitely have a go!

    OK you've all convinced me, I may paint it and use it as a paintbrush holder or something!

  10. I haven't done much sculpture myself....that's something I'd like to one day try! I love your pot....and yes, I must say that working to the sound and rythum of music is never a bad thing!

    have a great day,,thanks so much for stopping in to see me too!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  11. you did a great job!!!
    I never was able to make one, always went wonky!
    Say I am a Leo too(aug 4th)!
    happy coming up birthday to you!

  12. Ya I was reading this post I was actually thinking about that movie...I guess "potters" think the


  13. Thank you Carmelina - you should have a go, I'm sure you'd have fun!

    Peggy thanks - and happy birthday fellow Leo! :)

    Bunny - great minds eh! ;) x

  14. I think your pot came out fabulous, certainly better than anything I could throw and your future inspiration made me laugh! ;D

  15. Thanks Sharon - and glad I made you laugh :)

  16. Angie, it's great and I'm with Tammy - definitely worth painting! And having another go too!

    I also quite fancy felting, soon as my books arrive from the UK I plan to give it a go.

    Have a great day!

    Ro xxxx

  17. Thanks Rona :)
    Felting sounds great fun - I have a felting kit somewhere - must dig that out at some point too!

  18. Bravo, Angie! I think it came out lovely! With a little glazing it will be quite pretty. Actually, I've always wanted to try pottery also.

  19. Looks like a damn good first effort to me! As for Patrick Swayze sign me up!! I have had a go at the potters wheel but mine ended up being more of the tutors than my own handiwork, very unsuccessful. So I stick to sculpture now when using clay!! Definitely paint it it will look great all funky and bright!

    PMC is next on my list I think! Precious Metal Clay if you are not sure what that is!

    Really need to get back to painting a little too! 80))

    Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY my love!!