Sunday 11 July 2010


I fully intended to paint a little canvas for this week's Inspiration Avenue challenge - I LOVE paisley!

I haven't had much time though this week with one thing and another, so I'm submitting this little wooden heart instead; it may well be the prototype for a more finished painting later on! I've painted the heart in acrylics, and added detail with gold pen and sequins.

I also wanted to share my inspiration, which was the detail on this stunning Asian dress; my friend Mehnaz kindly took me along to the shop when she went to collect her sister's wedding dress, so I could drool over all the richly coloured and intricately beaded clothes - the detail of the work is breath-taking!

You can see all the paisley submissions here.


  1. Oooh yes - I have fabric envy!

    That's a pretty little heart - good work!

  2. Such intricate detail in that inspiration gown WOW. Like how you used sequins/similar colors in your Paisley heart.

  3. Thanks Lisa - isn't that dress yummy?

    Thank you Gemma, if I'd had time I would have loved to have added much more bling, like in the fabric!

  4. OH Yes! I just love paisley too, and in reds & golds! I thinks yours is FAB!


  5. That fabric is a "WOW" inspiration for your heart! Very nicely done I might add!!

  6. Rona thank you sweetie, I love reds and golds together too - so sumptuous! :)

    IM GIRL thanks - it certainly wowed me! :)

  7. I love how you included your inspiration for your work...I can really feel the festivity of the dress shining through into your heart!

  8. this is so pretty!! i love the ethnic designs of paisley too, they're just stunning!

  9. Lisa what a lovely thing to say, thank you :)

    Luthien thanks hon - hope all is well with you :)

    Robin thank you, you're very kind :)

  10. So beautiful, and I love how intricate your line work is- stunning! You should maybe think on doing a few of these as ornaments......:)

  11. Thanks Stephanie - that's a really good idea about the ornaments, I may just take you up on that!