Thursday 8 July 2010

Christmas is coming!

WARNING - I am about to mention (whisper) Christmas. Yes, already. Please feel free to click away now, or to put your fingers in your ears and sing "la la la".

OK so I know it's only July, but based on the theory that many shops/blogs/ magazines start looking for Christmas items to feature in the summer, I've started working on some Christmas ornaments for my etsy shop. These are the designs I have added so far. 

I do love traditional red and white but I know I should probably offer other colours too - I'd love to hear what your favourite Christmas colour schemes are?


  1. Lovely work, although I am tempted to block my ears and say rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb at the mention of Christmas... :-)

  2. Ha ha don't worry, so am I! Thanks for the compliment though :)

  3. Those are fabiola! I'm thinking Christmas too. My favorite Christmas scheme would include reindeer...I LOVE REINDEER. Not the Rudolph type, but the stoic and beautiful type. This Christmas I decided on a circus theme for my dining room side table...YOU GO GIRL!


  4. you are quick!! LOL! santa should hire you as one of his present-making elves at santaland! those are really lovely ...esp the tree :)

  5. These are every bit as beautiful as the ones you did last year! As far as color schemes go, I love the simplicity of what you're doing, but you could probably include a few with forest green and white....and as long as stores *are* starting thier Christmas stuff; you could do a little snooping and what colors *they're* pushing:)

  6. Bunny I do like the idea of reindeer ornaments (grabbing sketchbook!) and a circus theme sounds wonderfully creative - food for thought, thank you!

    Luthien yes I know - planning ahead or wishing my life away, not quite sure lol!

    Stephanie do you know I hadn't even thought of forest green, a classic combination and would go well with the red ones too - I'm getting great feedback here, thanks all!