Sunday 23 May 2010

IAE Weekly Challenge - "Melange"

The Inspiration Avenue challenge theme this week was "melange" (it means an assortment, conglomeration, mixed bag, variety, get the idea!)

I loved this theme (once I understood what it meant lol). I was going to make something entirely different but didn't finish it. Well OK, I'll confess, I didn't actually START it!

So in the spirit of the current summery weather I'm submitting this "travel" inspired picture frame. I've used scrapbook papers, bits of a map, a luggage tag, foreign coins, beach finds, and also some netting cut from an old laundry bag and painted! (Cyndi are you proud of me?)

The full list of submissions for this challenge can be seen here.


  1. you've got the meaning down! i can visualize one of my sea gull photos framed in this....great color!

  2. Thanks Pat - yes one of your seagull photos would be perfect for this frame!

    Thanks Kim :)

  3. Love this, so fun and summery- what a great take on the theme!

  4. Thanks Rona :)

    Thanks Steph - it's a bit different from what I usually do so was a nice change to make!

  5. My favorite place on the planet...the beach...awww, lovely!


  6. Bunny I'd certainly rather be off to the beach than heading into work today! ;)

  7. Gorgeous! I love the texture and soft colors. And you know how I love the sea. Bravo!