Thursday 27 May 2010

Creative Recycling

I had a wander round the Chorlton Art Festival last weekend; there's lots going on - for anyone near enough I'd recommend a visit! I ended up in my favourite shop in the whole world (well at least the whole of Manchester!), the Creative Recycling Gallery.

The gallery is a not-for-profit business run on a voluntary basis, and as the name suggests they make and sell art and crafts from household and general waste, with the aim of inspiring others to recycle whenever possible.

Whenever I go into this shop I'm torn between creative ecstasy and wanting to rush home and create, and the feeling that I'll never make anything again as I'm not worthy!

The photos here are of some of the amazing work available from the gallery - there's lots of recycled glass, paper quilting and other gorgeous things. 

There's also a rather lovely little Zen-like garden at the back, complete with  re-cycled shattered glass "pond" and metal ducks! For the Chorlton Festival weekend they were serving orange juice and gateaux in the garden - I could have stayed forever!


  1. You're so lucky to have a shop like that nearby. I've never heard of a shop quite like that, but I think it's a fantastic idea!

    I love the mosaic piece with the tiles and found objects. The garden sounds amazing!

  2. It's a wonderful place Maggie, I am lucky to have it close by!

  3. I want to go there. Loving that little Zen patio area...funny, we can look at something like this and see zen,art,peace,relaxation and just an inviting aura...other people look and see ....stuff. They don't know what they're missing.


  4. oh my... it looks like a place that i could stay forever! even the pics you took look so mouthwatering ... esp the garden ones! you lucky girl!

  5. This looks like a piece of heaven. And what a wonderful idea for a shop. Thanks for sharing, I love pictures of everything I am missing :)

  6. Bunny what I love most about it is that a lot of the stuff is made from junk, yet it's so beautiful!

    Luthien I could happily live there lol!

    Lisa if you want I'll sketch you into the photo, sitting in the garden lol!?

  7. What a FAB place! Just clicked on your link to the gallery! Every town should have one of these!

    Love the Land, sea and air collage especially.


  8. Agree Rona - little independent shops/galleries like this should be compulsory everywhere! ;)

  9. Gee the images you captured are just beautiful and it sounds like another wonderful "must visit". There always seem to be so many there.

  10. Great photos but especially love the last two. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Sharon thank you - you should come and visit, we could sit in the little garden and have coffee and cake!

    Elena thanks - the last 2 are actually my own photos, the others are by the gallery, so thank you for the compliment!