Friday 19 March 2010

Tag - I'm it!

I've been tagged by my sweet friend (and very talented artist) Luthien of Pimp and Paint
 This tag game is a bit different and quite fun, the rules are :

open your first photo file

scroll to the 10th photo

post the photo and the story behind it

tag 5 more people

I was a bit nervous that photo number 10 would be me having a bad hair day (I knew I should have deleted all those dodgy photos!) 

I was lucky, though, and got away with this pic of a Rockhopper penguin (though I'm not at all sure he's having a good hair day either!)

This was taken at Edinburgh Zoo a couple of years ago when I went for a weekend with my other half and our son. It was just before the penguin parade - each afternoon they all come out of their enclosure for a little walk around, all in a little line following the leader! They do a funny little jump over all the curbs, which is  that's where the name "Rockhopper" comes from :)

My turn to tag now, so I'm choosing -
Maggie -
Jessica -
Rocki -
Tammy -
Bunny -


  1. wahahahaha!!! that's the cutest photo EVER!! the little fella looks like he's about to perform a dance on stage ... he really does look so human with that expression and hair!

    thanks for playing along! this photo is GREAT!!

  2. He is sweet isn't he Luthien?? Glad you like his hair-do :)

  3. Too cute!!! Love it!

    Oh gosh, okay I will try to do this in the next couple of days! Thanks for tagging me :)