Sunday 3 January 2010

Don't Lets Ask for the Moon ...!

This little pencil sketch of the rather magnificant Bette Davis is my submission for this week's IAE chellenge, which was "movies". I think actually one week I'm going to just publish my submission and let you guess what the theme was!

This reminds me of  rainy Sunday afternoons as a child, curled up on the sofa with my mum watching Now Voyager and (my favourite) Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. They really should show some of those old films again!

You can see all the other submissions for this great theme here.


  1. wow!! did you mean "this MAGNIFICENT pencil sketch of the rather magnificent bette davis"?

    gosh! it's a gorgeous sketch of her angie!!! i'm always in awe of artist who can do faces and bodies ... mine would probably come out looking like those blue aliens from the planet pandora!

    what an apt entry for "at the movies" week!

  2. Very nice picture! Interesting post.
    I just noticed you have a Estey shop. On Mondays I do a post called Temptation Mondays and post about bloggers such as yourself who sell their goodies. So if interested on being on there just email me at and include a picture and link of what you want on there

  3. This is so beautiful, and you caught the sense of her spirit so well! Love it!

  4. Oh Angie...I am just in love with this....well done!


  5. Happy New Year, Angie, to you and all your loved ones! Have a great, wonderful 2010!
    Your sketch is stunning! I simply love it! Awesome job!
    Lots of love, Sanda xx

  6. Aw Luthien thanks - you're always so sweet to me! I used to do loads of pencil portraits, I find it quite relaxing. Lol at "blue aliens from Pandora!" And don't belive you - you seem to excel at whatever you turn your hand to!

    Maggie thanks so much - I will definitely email you - off to have a look at your blog in a minute!

    Stephanie thanks so much hon!

  7. LuLu thank you for your sweet comment!

    Sandra thank you too - and a wonderful New Year to you as well (and to anyone I've missed - I always lose track around January 2nd!)

  8. Splendid Angie! Yes, please create something and let us guess what the theme is..that sounds like fun!


  9. Thanks Bunny - I will but you'll have to promise not to peek then! x

  10. I know, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, I had to own it. Very affordable on DVD.
    I wish I could draw like you, I wanted to do Katherine Hepburn, but I just don't think I can pull it off yet.
    This is really, really good.
    Happy New Year!

  11. Lisa I know - they just don't make films like that anymore! Thanks so much for your compliment, and I wish a very Happy New Year to you too, hon x

  12. Angie, I love the way you captured the essence of Bette Davis! You're such a talented artist!

    Yes, that could be a whole new challenge ~ do the submission piece and everyone guesses the theme!

  13. I love your submission for this week's challenge and I'm with you, I just love these old movies!! We have a classic movie station here which I love to watch on the weekends (or at least have on in the background, lol!).

  14. Maggie thank you - and yes, we should have a "guess the theme" one week, for a laugh!

    Yvonne, Sharon, thank you! Sharon I must try and find a classic movie station! x

  15. Beautiful sketch. You are so talented. I enjoy pencil sketches too,,but mine are rather childish.
    Have a wonderful new year.

  16. Thanks for the compliment Charlie - and wishing you a wonderful New Year too! x