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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Now I'm sorry to remind you, but it's only 50 days til Christmas! Getting into the festive swing, I've been busy listing some more Christmas ornaments in my etsy shop. The ones shown here are solid wooden hearts that I've painted with with my own fair hand, then I've added a coat of varnish for protection and a little red ribbon for hanging. I do always seem to return to traditional red and white for Christmas, no other colour scheme ever seems quite as Christmas-sy to me! Those colours look great against the forest green foliage of my Christmas tree too. I'm also starting to hunt round etsy for some possible gifts - though there are so many lovely things to choose from, I'll need to force myself to make some decisions before Christmas Eve!


  1. Very pretty. I love how simple your art is :)
    xox, Lisa

  2. simple but powerful :)

    i see that your etsy thumbnails are filling up with more and more reds!! it's fascinating to see how different things/seasons/festives affect our art isn't it :)) loving your christmasy color tho :)) really loving them!!

  3. Oh I just LOVE these! If we had Christmas and trees, I'd buy a whole lot of them and decorate the whole thing... I miss Christmas!!

  4. Thanks Lisa!
    Luthien funny you should say that. I'd just noticed the overwhelming red theme too - entirely subconcious!
    Tali thank you - I feel like I want to send you a Christmas tree now lol!

  5. I love all of your heart-themed pieces! These are so festive! I agree about Christmas needing to be red and white, but red is one of my favorite colors lol!

  6. Yay, Angie!! You won my 100 follower giveaway. Woohoo!! Email me your address, sweet lady and I wil pop them in the mail.

  7. Love your art and blog! Was so lovely to see all your beautiful sales on Etsy.

  8. Maggie thanks - red's my favourite colour too (well, that was possibly obvious lol!)
    Tammy ooh what a fabulous surprise!! Your earrings are beautiful - I'm thrilled to have won them! Thanks so much!!!
    Julie-ann thanks so much for your kind words :)

  9. I love these ornaments, but then again, I LOVE your style, period!