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Sunday, 25 October 2009

This Week's IAE Challenge

It was my turn to set the IAE team challenge this week - the theme I chose was "travel". I've realised though that I appear to be suffering from a rare condition called "Challenge Hangover"! The above little canvas is my submission for the "travel" challenge, but somehow I seem to have been unconciously influended by the challenges that have gone before. I realised after I'd finished this, that it could also have been entered for the "sky" challenge, possibly the "orange" challenge, and - wait, yes - there's even a tiny touch of pink in there! You can see all the challenge entries on the IAE team blog, and the theme for next week's challenge - which anyone can join in - will also be posted there very shortly.


  1. LOLZ!!! you are right!! anyhow it looks just PERFECT for travel!! i love the layered earth at the bottom esp the one layer with the map. and your orange sky is just plain delicious i could actually taste the citrus zest in my mouth now!!

  2. eh up lass! That's right good that is!! Seriously, it's gorgeous Angie!! I love the colours and the balloons and the maps are a brilliant touch!

  3. I love the colors in this! Gorgeous! You're so talented ~ I love all your work! I love the maps inset in the hills.
    Maggie :)

  4. So, based on this theory, I predict our next challenge will be... err... brown? Lol. Anyway, lovely picture!

  5. I love the map incorporated in your submission! Gorgeous colors Angie!!


  6. Thanks everyone!

    Catherine - you have a minor typo there, it's should actually be "reet good" ;)

    WrightStuff - lol - good guess - we'll see!

  7. SOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the balloons and how you used the maps in creating the ground. The sky is fabulous!!!
    Lots of love, Sanda xx

  8. Hah! I love your take on "challenge hangover"!! Regardless of the influences your work is ALWAYS beautiful, original and unique!! GORGEOUS!!♥